Paid up Lease and Royalty Rates in Flushing, OH

I have a 4 acre tract in Flushing, Belmont Count. I own 100% of the mineral rights, but not the real property therefore no surface rights. I have been approached for a paid up lease and royalty for my property. Seeking any info that can assist in understanding what the approximate value is so that I can best negotiate towards an agreement. Seeking any input.

My advise. Hire a COMPETENT ATTORNEY NOW. Worth a few hundred bucks to protect yourself and maximize your potential return. Many, many factors involved here. Need a good addendum and GROSS Lease, no deductions. Be patient! You’ll get the Attorney fees back MANY times over. Talk to at least 3. Typically initial consult is free.

thanks for the reply - I am not from the area and have tried to contact 2 attorneys and have gotten no responses

FYI, I pulled the drilling permit info for Sec 17 and the proposed unit covers most of 2 sections and portions of 2 others. Also, nothing listed under YOUR name as an ownership interest in Belmont County. If you can provide more specifics info, I can provide guidance to you and possibly an estimated value range free of charge. Need acreage you own and name property listed under so I can locate it within the DPU. If you have your lease and want to send it privately for review I’ll give you my private email ( via phone call ) and you can send it direct. Let me know. Can also suggest Attorneys that WILL call you back.