Pad Site Question

Is there likelihood that WH/Chesapeake would build a pretty large pad site and then wait a substantial amount of time before moving in to drill or even pull a permit? I would assume that the money spent to build the pad would indicate good intentions to move in. Especially with the amount of drilling and traffic we are seeing right around us. Two wells were just completed that would boarder these wells, and numerous others have been completed in the last year with close proximity. As a side note, the land has already been surveyed, as we spoke with the survey crews when they were onsite. Everything points to a well being drilled, but no activity for a period of time is what is drawing curiosity. Thoughts and opinions are appreciated.

I live far from Burleson County, so I am only able to check on things a few times a year.

I was wondering the same thing a few months ago because WH had both an approved permit for a couple of wells in which I had a small interest, and they had built pads. But no rig.

But, it wasn’t too long, a month or two after that, and then they started moving in.

Where is your pad site?

Thank’s for the feedback! I have not seen a permit pulled yet which I know doesn’t mean anything, but the wells they just completed and moved away from are less than a half mile away. We were hoping that with the pad being finished prior to these wells being completed they would just move up the road to the new pad. That was not the case. Either way we are hopeful that they will be coming back soon. It’s a 5 acre pad they built, so we are assuming it will be another multi well pad site. As far as location, the pad and new wells are east/southeast of Caldwell in Burleson County.

Can you tell me what survey/abstract the pad is located in?

Yes I can. Abstract: 106 and Survey: Jacob Decordova It’s at the Southern corner of the survey right where CR 236 and CR 243 intersect.


I’m assuming you are under lease to Wildhorse, now Chesapeake. Was the pad built on your tract and when does your lease expire?

WH/Chesapeake moved a second rig to Washington County several months ago which may have changed the schedule for Burleson. Have you tried asking the WH landman who handles Burleson about the drill schedule?

Yes the lease is currently held by WH/Chesapeake. This was purchased in one of the several WH acquisitions.

I have seen that a couple of rigs have moved out of Burleson county in the last couple months, but what we have been told is that the area we are in is producing well. The pad is not on our surface rights, but we do have neighboring mineral rights in the area that would be captured by the wells. We spoke to a WH landman fall of last year, but were never able to get any additional returned calls from him. I’m not sure if that individuals position has changed with the Chesapeake deal. Would be interested to find out who to talk to though to find out a drilling schedule.

Rather you not say where you got that number, but you could try Roger Kirkland at 903-353-6470 who I think was contract landman handling Burleson Co. for Wildhorse.

Fair enough. I appreciate the contact. I’ll definitely try to reach out to him. Thanks!


I heard the Patterson rig that just finished drilling three wells from a pad on the west end of Washington County moved to Burleson County. Did one recently show up in your area?

The Patterson rig that drilled our last two wells moved out of Burleson County right after completion, and we were told it would be coming back to Burleson. It was supposed to include the ones for the pad they have built for our additional wells. We haven’t seen it move in close yet, but I also have seen a drop in permit activity with Wildhorse since the merger with Chesapeake. Waiting for an “Estes” permit to pop up for the pad that has been built. I’ll keep you updated if I get some feedback for rigs moving close to the house. Please do the same if you get any additional info. On a side note, we did talk to Chesapeake’s line for Wildhorse lease holders and they did say that division orders would still be coming out and received around the 15th of each month. We still haven’t received them for the two wells that are already producing, but are hopeful they will come in soon.

Thanks for the update.

If they have a pad ready I’m thinking they will be coming that way before long.

So it appears that Chesapeake is drilling a water well on the pad I mentioned that Wildhorse had built that will capture some of our interest. I have not seen any permits pulled in Burleson County (District 3) by Chesapeake since the Wildhorse purchase, but I am expecting to see some come through soon. My instincts say that if they are drilling a water well, that the permit and rig will not be far behind. Any thoughts?

I agree drilling a water well is a good sign they are ready to get activity started.

If the pad is already built do they have the location staked on it?

Some companies also bring in small truck mounted “spudder” rigs to drill and set surface casing for the initial few hundred feet of the vertical hole to minimize the time the big rig will have to be there. When that’s done you may see a big round surface pipe where the stake was previously located.

They have had the location staked for a little while now. I will have to verify the rig type and also see if I can tell if they are setting up where the stakes are. Still curious to see when Chesapeake will start pulling permits again.