Pad on my surface

I was contacted by a company that is running their pipeline on my surface, now they want to lay a pad on my surface. What does that mean? laying a pad?

Hi Ingrid!

Typically the "Pad" is the Drill Site, the Surface Location. Where they stand the rig up for drilling a well. And, hopefully, eventually a storage facility and other equipment used in the production of the well(s).

In the case of a pipeline company, it may be something like a Compresser Station, where they build up the pressure in the pipeline so the gas will flow towards the refinery.

Lots of things to consider: Location of the pad, roads to and from it, drainage issues need to be addressed so you don't end up with a swamp, fencing, gates, surface water usage, water well usage, loss of usage of the land used for the pad and roads for years to come, environmental indemnity issues, noise barriers, brick fencing as opposed to barbed wire, all kinds of things.

You should have an experienced Oil and Gas Attorney advise you in your negotiations.

Hope this helps -

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas