Ownership question blk 48 t-8 sec 28

Pecos County blk 48 T-8 Sec 28 s/2 of s/2. I have ownership in this parcel and see several XTO wells in production but I have never received division orders. the well name is Jolly Jumper.

As best I can tell looking at the Plat, it seems your parcel is included in the referenced well(s).


I thought so. I have sent a message to XTO but don’t expect to hear back for a few days.

I received Division Orders for Jolly Jumper, from XTO, in February 2021. I have been receiving royalty checks for Jolly Jumper and Gunpowder.

I’m waiting to hear back from XTO but they are notoriously slow. Hoping we see more activity in Pecos County it has been really quiet for some time. I do see where Diamondback filed a few permits recently south of Coyonosa.

It looks like XTO has four wells in Section 28 that were drilled as allocation wells and they all extend through only the east side of that section.

Have you determined if the horizontal legs of any of those wells intersects the tract you own? Always good to check, but to share in the production from that type well the lateral must cross you.

It does cross me. I found out this evening that the division orders were sent to the previous owner. XTO was notified of this but they apparently are months behind due to layoffs in March and April. Actually I don’t think they even use division orders. I have some production with them in Tarrant County and they just wanted a w2.

Pecos Cty running 0-2 rigs in total, down from 27 two years ago. Variety of reasons, but mostly because XOM and Diamondback have punted for the time being. Like you say, real quiet.

Jolly Jumper has been paying since 3Q20, its basically only two wells. 310H (2nd BS) and 508H (3rd BS). The 808H (Wolf B) is also online but was partially junked during completion, its only make a few barrels a month. 710H (Wolf A) was never completed, unsure why. Two wells have made 150,000 barrels total through June 2021. It hasn’t been great, seems like it should be better.

Good luck.

10 4 appreciate the update. I did see where Diamondback has filed some permits in blk 48 t-8 sec 14 . Over in section 36 they completed a few wells and sent out division orders about a month ago. But nothing like 2 years ago!

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