Ownership of a Share, Others Unknown

Back in 1992 or 1993, I inherited mineral rights in Grady County from my step-grandfather. I got 1/7 ownership, the others being his siblings(I assume. I didn’t know his family at all). A lease was signed by all7.

That’s the last I’ve ever heard. I move a lot and I’m sure if the other holders even know who I am, they couldn’t find me. How would I find out who the other owners are now? Could they sign new leases without finding me? Do I still own anything?

I know lawyers can generally clear up such things but I don’t want to spend money on nothing. Any response would be appreciated. I don’t understand this.

Do you have a section, township and range on the document?

You might try looking up his name and your on www.okcountyrecords.com. It may show the other owners from the inheritance. It will also give a section township and range. (STR) Make sure you name and address are current in the Grady county courthouse so landmen can find you. You need to find out if you are due any royalties from that lease. With the STR, you can come back here and one of us can look up if there is any activity.

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Looks like a deed and the lease are on file. see here I agree with Martha, a simple affidavit with your updated information would be helpful.
Generally, your interests do not go away in Oklahoma.

to follow up on what Richard and Martha said, it is not important whether your fellow owners know where you are, but whether you can be found by a producing oil company, or by a landman who wants to lease your interest.

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