Ownership look up?

I am in need of advice on how to look up the ownership of mineral rights a tract of land Called Hammiter T599. i have triedHenderson And Kaufman county records but cannot go back far enough

Please list your state and county.

Henderson County and Kaufman County Texas. I only have found documents that show ownership, but unable to find were the interest originated, and nothing for proof of ownership after his death or anything that I can use to track what happened to his ownership. Is it possible records may have been removed? I cant even talk to an attorney for help because I am lacking so much information. I have contacted the current operator and was told my father is not in there system and that I need a lawyer if anything is to happen further with recovery.

Mr. Fogleman, if you haven’t seen it, you can find your grandmother’s will recorded December 13, 1996 in the Kaufman County records at Volume 1237, Page 472. I am neither a lawyer nor a landman and cannot correctly interpret her will; the will seems a bit complicated in regards to how the assets were to be distributed between your father and his brother, Kenneth.

Yes I have the wills for both my grandparents but the interests,oil gas and mineral rights production royalties and alike my father owned when he died in 1992. Erroneouse Affidavite of Death and Heirship was filed 1993. I just need some info on how I can find a chain of ownership so that I can see were the law will remedy and I can Have All the facts to present to a lawyer. I have no time to waste I loose money daily.

If your father’s title went into parties X and Y based on Affidavit of Heirship, then you can research forward through those names to see if the minerals were sold to others. On county ad valorem tax records, you can see if X and Y are being taxed on wells for those minerals. You need to consult an oil and gas title attorney to determine what your remedies are, especially considering the time interval. The attorney can advise you on what records and information you need to find. Title can be quite complicated.