Ownership Interest

I’ve been taking a closer look at my royalty invoices lately. Noticed I have 2 separate ownership interest amounts. One is listed as .00030482 and another for .00065208. The first is the number that was used in calculating my mineral interest when I signed a royalty agreement years ago. The other seems to be associated with gas RGAS. I’m looking at selling my mineral interests and I feel like this is something of significance. Does anyone have insight into this?

As always, I appreciate this forum and all the help you’ve given in the past!

Hi Mcurry…the R stands for residual gas. Typically cheaper than MCF gas. I’ve seen on some of our wells in various counties in Texas, that on occasion the interest for natural gas is less than the interest is for oil. You most likely have an interest in oil and a different interest in gas thus explaining the two varying interests you own.

I’m sure I’m explaining this poorly…someone with more knowledge care to chime in?

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