Ownership Interest, Marshall Co, WV

New here and wondering how I know what my ownership interest is in the acres mentioned in the lease. Do I rely on the company’s answer even thought I haven’t seen documentation and it isn’t specified in the lease? Many thanks!

Most leases do not state the net mineral acres for the tract described. They state the gross mineral acres for the tract. You probably have some smaller percentage of the tract due to generational fractionation as time went on and smaller acre amounts were divvied up among heirs. Personally, I never really rely on the company statement until I can verify myself through our family files and the courthouse records. In my experience, the company has been right most of the time, but every once in a while we have to correct an error.

In some cases, you can very nicely ask for a copy of the paragraph(s) of the title opinion that states the line of title from patent to you. If they have time, sometimes, they will give you a copy for your files. Do not ask for the entire title opinion.

Thank you Darlene​:oil_drum::woman_facepalming: