Ownership fraud and trusts

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I have a situation and any advice or comments would be very appreciated! I was given a trust when I was 8 by my grandfather which held the deed to acreage with producing wells. He made my mother the trustee and that is when all the problems began. When my grandfather died, she and my step-father used the trust ( leases, farmout agreements, etc.) and never told me that I had one. Now they have the deed, under my name, the name of the trust, but they contested his will for three years against his widow and forced her to quit claim my acreage to my mother but not as she appears as trustee (Mrs. XXXX XXX) but as just her name so now she looks like a different MO. I have asked for my documents because I just found 50 years later, through public records. My name existed even as recent as 2010 in the tax appraisal books. Had to get an atty. and she and my sister claim that no such trust ever existed and they had a very nasty atty. fight me so far out of $5000 and still they are ignoring me. Somehow in 2011 I am completely off the well that she placed the name of the trust in (which is the least producer) and her name is on it. Her name should not have appeared at all, but because she used a quit claim, either it was over looked or treated sloppy or who knows ????. My lawyers went to the oil company to ask for documentation to support the change and they sent us a transfer order that is dated 2003 and the document looks like someone cut and pasted. It shows me at .00000000. Yet, tax appraisal shows me all the way up to 2010. She was depositing all the checks in her personal account. Now, I just found out, again through public records that 3 months ago she and my sister created a deed off the quit claim and placed my sister's name on the deed with no title. their lawyer actually added a paragraph at the bottom of the deed stating that they understand and acknowledge that he is not liable nor represents the lack of title vesting nor any other encumbrance that may arise due to the waiving of title. I want to call the oil company and tell them that that document is fraudulent but don't know the steps. I know copies of my documents are somewhere and possibly many companies because the leases have been sold several times. I don't know how long they keep files of documents after selling but when it comes to trusts, I believe they cannot remove them without a dissolution of trust doc.

Often a title company in the county will have their own copies of documents that are filed. My family was in the title/abstract business for decades and had their own records.