Owner/Unit acreage computation

Just recently started to receive royalty check for a parcel in the southern portion of Greene County, PA. I am looking to verify acreage values associated with each well. Went to the PA DEP website and found the permit application for the wells however the unit acreage number varies greatly from the mineral tract acreage that was shown on the permits for each well. Additionally, the acreage number I got from the producer regarding my acreage was quite different from what I know it to be.

How are these numbers derived? Are they defining some distance away from the well pipe itself as the area involved in that particular well or what? That seems to be the only math that could possible make any of these numbers make sense.

It could be that they are not using all of your acreage. You can go to www.pa.uslandrecords.com and choose Greene as the county then type in your name. Click on the blue link of your name and there should be some documents called “DECL Pool”. They will show how many acres you have in that unit. There is a fee to download the records.

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