Owner Registry

Is there any advantage to being a fee paying member of this Oklahoma registry? If so, what IS the advantage?

The only official registry is the county clerk’s office. That is where the landmen will do their title work.

Martha is correct, mineral registries are not where title work is done. This is done at the court clerk’s office where the minerals are located. It doesn’t help with an inheritance since it is not an estate plan nor a means to transfer ownership to the next generation.

I see no advantage.

If your name or address changes you can file a notice with the county clerk which is a one time fee. I believe the service your considering charges $40 per year to keep your file registered.

NO. Run away, very fast and very far. IT IS A SCAM. The only place you need your information is at the county clerk’s office in the counties where you own minerals. That is where landmen go when running title on lands exploration companies are interested in. AGAIN RUN AWAY.

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NO BENEFIT! Joining is a waste of money unless you just want to give the person who runs it a gift! LOL. As everyone else has said, the County Clerk is where records are kept and depending on the country and how old the records are, you can access many online and print them out for a small fee.

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I was at a relatively informal landman get together of about 40 people. There were in-house land managers and land professionals. There were also field land professionals who either owned or ran brokerages, or did field work. So, every level of land professional in the industry. I asked if anybody had ever used the OM Registry. Nobody raised their hand. I then asked if they knew of anybody who had ever used the Registry. Again, silence. This is not where land pros go to look for owners or addresses.

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Thank you to all who responded to my query. I have followed through with your information and saved my money :laughing:

Thanks Tim, I also don’t know any landmen who resort to a registry.

Unfortunately, I paid to be a member of this registry for two years. During the second year, I received a request to join again. I decided then and there that if they couldn’t find me in their system, no one else would be able to either. I concur with everyone else - a total waste of money.