Owner registry in Texas?

Hi all! I am member of the Oklahoma mineral rights registry, but I also own minerals in Texas. Is there a similar registry for Texas owners? (want to make sure all correspondence is sent to current address - we moved recently) Thank you -

The best way to update your current address is to file a change of address form in the county your mineral interests are in.

Landmen will be checking the county courthouses. File in every county where you have mineral rights.

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Diesel and M_Barnes… Thanks so much for responding! I got the message - will have to contact individual counties for Texas. It is interesting that there is evidently no owner registry like there is in Oklahoma. would be a lot easier to keep everyone updated.

Do the same in Oklahoma. County courthouse is the official registry of records.

Listen to M Barnes. The landmen check the county courthouse for your address.

Janie- Do not send $$$ to the mineral registry. It IS A SCAM!

You can do your own Affidavit of Current Address, have it notarized, then file it of record with the county clerk. I think it costs $15 to file one page. Be sure to leave wide margins, a little more than 1/2 inch.
State you name, address, (phone # if you like) and that it is for MineraI Rights and give the legal description. If you have multiple tracts in that county you may list them all.

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