Owner of Mineral Rights

I have leased Sect 8, Blk 55 in Reeves County, Tx. I have been told I also have mineral

rights in Sect 8, Blk 50, T 8 in Reeves, County. What source do I need to check for information on Mineral Ownership of Sect 8, Blk 50, T 8 ?

You might try searching www.texasfile.com. Also ask the person who informed you of your mineral ownership to provide information/chain of title.

There are six horizontal wells permitted in the section above Blk 50, Sec 8 (click here to open map) so it would be very wise to proceed with caution and do much due diligence. Consult with an oil and gas attorney like forum pro Wade Caldwell before signing anything.

Thank You AJ, helped me find additional information I did not know how to access. I will follow your

advice and do more research.

You are welcome, Woody!

If this is you, then type Reeves County Tax Roll and go to the one that has CAD.

Cowan Woody L. f this is you, on any web browser type Reeves County Tax Roll and go to the one that has CAD. There are 2 Mineral properties for Cowan Woody L. in Reeves County. Tried to add attachment but forgot how to do that on this site.

Thank you for your input Paul. I reached The Reeves County Tax Roll and then CAD. It seems I need

a certain number or name to access any further information. I will try again tomorrow. Thanks.

use this site: https://www.reevescad.org/

Then click on “Property Search” Then click on “By Owner” In the “Owner Name” type in your LAST NAME ONLY the click on Search Next window will be all the Cowan Mineral Owner’s in Reeves County

Hope this helps

That is amazing, Paul Garcia,

I could even find my own property with this map....Thank you so much. Thank all of you who has posted on this forum. Learned so much from all.


You are Welcome

This can be done on any county in Texas, some sites are better than others. In Karnes county if you are pooled in with neighbors you can see what their mineral interest is and on the map portion you can see who their names are who you are pooled in with.

Reeves county courthouse online records.

Thanks so much Paul. Found the information very helpful. Two entries are listed as

Cowan Properties. All the other entries are listed by individual family members. I will call

the lessee's and do some checking.