Owner Number

Wondering how do I find the owner number for a lease that was signed. Any specific info for website or app to use is appreciated. Thanks all

What state is the mineral interest located in?

In Texas owner numbers typically aren’t assigned until a well is completed and division orders sent to the royalty owners included in the producing unit.

It’s in Texas. Found property that relatives have signed lease to contacted company they ask for owner number or last 4 of social. Dont have social so was trying to locate owner number.

The owner number is an internal number assigned by each company and will not be public record. Its specific to each owner to help make referencing and pulling the correct person up in their system. This number will be on the division order or on any production checks sent to the original owner.

If it is a situation where the person is deceased and you are trying to sort through things, they should be willing to work with you. If the person is still alive, then typically they will require this information along with something stating that they have the right to release information to you.

Hope this helps!!

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