Owner Deduction, Will & Property Owner

I have mineral rights in Tyler County, WV. Does anyone know what “owner deduction” is on a royalty check? I didn’t agree to anything that I know of but they deducted $300 roughly from my first royalty check.

How do I fix it with Antero in case I die so that my daughters will be notified of my rights? Do I need to do a letter or a call?

I have no clue as to who owns the property as I inherited the rights. How do I go about finding the owner?

TIA, newbie

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Welcome to the forum. The owner deductions are for charges such as post production transmission, marketing, etc. The check stub should have a run statement that lists what the charges are. It goes back to what was allowed on the original lease. They are very common.

If you are receiving a royalty check, then you are a mineral owner according to the records of Antero. You need to ask them for a copy of the paragraph of the title opinion that lists your chain of title. You need to keep that for your heirs. Keep your check stubs for at least seven years as you will need them for income tax purposes. The check will have the Antero address on it. You need to have a will or trust that passes the mineral rights to your daughters. They will have to settle the estate and give the operator their new addresses and file the estate papers in Tyler County. The surface owner may or may not also be a mineral owner. Keep all your records. You can go to the Tyler County Courthouse and see if they will help you find the original lease.

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Wow !!! great information. Thank you for the share. My family and I signed a lease agreement for our mineral rights about 2 years ago. How will we know if any activity is taking place. Our mineral rights are in Tyler county. Is it the company responsibility to inform you if they begin to drill or are making profits? Owe us anything?

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Also, someone is paying the mineral taxes on these interests if Tyler is like Ritchie Co. and there is only one tax ticket per tract. Several heirs and one tax ticket. Oh boy… When the taxes raise, then the right thing to do is find out who is paying them. We did this and we have heirs helping to pay them each year. Getting the tax ticket in each persons name would be nice. That can be costly if, an attorney takes the many hours to search the books. Only if Granny and Pappy would have done that many years ago. Lol

TY everyone for the info. It is much appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:

The deductions are negotiable depending on the age of your lease and how it was held until now. I find That Antero will charge you deductions unless you have a particular clause in your lease that does not allow it. Most older leases don’t have that in there and Antero takes advantage of it.

Does anyone know if you can or what is the best way to deduct the “Owner Deduction” when filing your taxes.

Walker67, Deduct on Schedule E, line 19 list as “OTHER DEDUCTIONS “ Use the Gross royalty for the depletion calculation.

Thanks, that’s what I was thinking but didn’t want to mess anything up since this was the first year filing with the royalties. Now it’s time to figure out the WV taxes. Again thanks!