Own land but not the mineral rights

I have been approached by Chesapeake about a natural gas lease. They are interested in the 34 acres that we actually live on but we have basically set the bar high as to our requirements and have been told they are putting us on the "not interested" list. However, we also own the adjacent 80 acres which is already under lease and has a working well on it. This piece we own but we were not able to buy the mineral rights form the seller. What I am wondering is what are the possible outcomes if the current mineral rights holder decides to lease to chesepeake?? This is a conundrum to me as Im understand what they might be able to do with my land.


From what you have described, if a mineral rights owner leases minerals and is not the surface owner, then the oil company would have to compensate the surface owner for activities on the property related to the drilling operation. This would include such things as access to the well site to pits on the property.