Owens Wells AH

Companies produced oil/gas Moorman Survey, Owens AH Wells 2008 until now?

Please put your state and county

Hello! The wells are in Panola county, Texas.

The wells are on Panola county Texas

My state is Texas and county is Rusk

What is your question and which county is it?

County is Panola. Wells in Morman Survey/Abstract 427


Clint Liles

Thank you M_Barnes.
My question concerns “pooling” wells. I am directing my attention to Panola County, Texas and the Moorman Survey - the AH Owens Wells. Is there a way to go into RRC and find this information, if so how? Are all horizontal wells pooled? Can vertical wells be pooled?

Your help is very much appreciated. Babby

MR. LILES, Thank you for the reply, however, you are undoubtably more knowledgeable concerning this topic than I am or ever will be. I am not capable of working through the information you sent. I did manage to print out the Drilling Permits (W-1). It does have a wealth of information.

Nonetheless, thank you for putting forth the effort to assist me.

If you open the link that Clint gave you, it will give you a list of wells.
Viewer: http://wwwgisp.rrc.texas.gov/GISViewer2/

Not all horizontal wells are pooled, but many. Yes, vertical wells can be pooled if one of the mineral owners does not agree to leasing.

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