Overview of the “Atoka Shale” formation in northern Midland County

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From what I've been able to determine this is equivalent to the Barnett Shale and is in the oil window. I hope it is equivalent to the Atoka Wash play in the Texas Panhandle for potential NG & Oil production - how sweet this could be!

It is prevalent in the Permian Basin primarily the Midland Basin and Delaware Basin - see locations in my reply, etc...

Yet another potential unconventional horizontal oil play payzone always helps! Anyone else have news on this potential play? It looks like a potential triple play - oil, NGLs, NG!


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Atokan basinal and slope carbonates, interfingered with shale (for example, the Smithwick Formation), also hold potential as fractured reservoirs for expulsed shale gas in the Delaware Basin (Reeves, Pecos, and Terrell Counties) and the northern proto-Midland Basin (Martin, Dawson, and Lynn Counties).


DEPOSITIONAL HISTORY OF THE ATOKAN SUCCESSION (LOWER PENNSYLVANIAN) IN THE PERMIAN BASIN Wayne R. Wright Bureau of Economic Geology Jackson School of Geosciences The University of Texas at Austin Austin, Texas