Overseas resident but new mineral owner in Woods County

Hi, my siblings and I just received first payments after being forced pooled by midstates petroleum. However, one of my brothers lives in Europe and has a different banking system that the US does not use called IBAN. He did not get his pooling letter so he has no owner number yet, his money is waiting for him to sign a w9 and direct deposit form but cannot give a check routing number since they use can EU transfer system with no physical banks. Multi question here. The company has merged with a company in Texas which complicates things. No one from midstates responds to questions about how to get him his money, or about the w9 question. The Texas company responded but has no idea about how to process him. They said canada is the closest thing they can think of. Is there some sort of bank like Bank of America that he could join and use american branches to access funds electronically? We tried to start an account at my local bank but he would need to fly here to physically open it and they don’t do international transfers. The us does not use the European Union IBAN electronic transfer system. We are at a loss. Will an oil company be able to use a Pay Pal type online account instead of a physical bankcheck or American direct deposit? The tax thing is a separate issue. Thanks for any advice.

Hi Andie, Did anyone reply to your questions? I’m curious because I’m looking to relocate overseas and am trying to figure out how to receive paper checks from companies that don’t have ACH abilities, along with all other paper correspondence, ie, division orders, legal notices, etc. Surely, there have been people living overseas who are also mineral owners with active leases. Thanks for sharing anything you’ve learned.