Hello, I am rather new at this site. I need to get a response for my situation. I own mineral rights from my late mother and father and was getting royalty payments in the state of Alabama. However, from my mother's mineral rights, the oil company indicated that I had been overpaid from her rights. Currently, I have not rec'd a payment from my father's royalties nor my mother's for over 6 months. The company indicated that they had frozen both accounts until the overpayment has been recovered. Now, I was unaware of this overpayment and only was told after making contact with the company inquiring about my missed payments. What recourse should I take? Your response will be much appreciated. Lilli Rollins


Dear Lilli,
I suggest that you go directly to the company and request in writing, return receipt, that they send you documentation to back up their claim(s) and a copy of their over payment check.

In your request, be sure to RE: both parent's names, all lease legal descriptions, and account numbers.

If it were me, I'd send a copy of their last correspondence along with your letter request to their Accounting Supervisor and Manager of Land Department. First, confirm that you have their correct mailing address.

Good luck,

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