Overlooked Overriding Royalty

My siblings and I inherited royalty, and also overriding royalty in section 65, block A, in Martin County TX. We have been being paid for the royalty interest, but I discovered a lease that should have been held by production since it covered the entire section - so we should have also been receiving orri for it. Another company has several wells in Section 65, Block A also, and we are being paid for both the royalty interest and the overriding interest in those wells. When I contacted Crownquest in early September, they first said that someone else held the lease, and later agreed that the orri should be active and that the corrections would be made. We still have not received any orri for the 4 wells where we were not receiving it after 4 months. My question is: Should we receive interest and/or penalty for the orri that has been overlooked for years?
Thank you,
Mollye Morris

Send a certified return receipt letter to the Division Order department requesting payment and interest. Keep a copy of everything. They are required to answer within a statutory time limit. Send a copy of any documents that prove your case and a summary of your September conversation.


Did you get a reply from CrownQuest?

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