Overflow Energy a SWD company


Anyone do business with Overflow Energy? They are a saltwater disposal company that wants to drill a SWD well on some acreage in Reeves County. Anyone have experience with SWD wells/lease?


I’ve had a SWD on my property at Verhalen on Hwy 17 in Reeves county for the past 8 years. Originally operated by MTN Energy, then by Probity SWD, then by EnWater, now it’s operated by WaterBridge Solutions. You want to make any deals with Overflow Energy to pay you an overriding royalty percentage of GROSS REVENUES each month…not ‘Net Revenue’ or they’ll net you to zero income.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks Lawrence for your valuable information.


SWD are beasts of their own. You’ll want to make sure you earn revenue on gross terms (like Lawrence said) and also make sure you get proceeds from any skimming and such.