Outlook for rising revenues? News articles? Weighing offer in Weld

Where can I find business predictions about the outlook for oil and gas revenues in Weld Co. over the next few years? My 3 siblings and I inherited small slices of our grandparents’ oil and gas rights in Ft Lupton. The properties have been productive for many years, but of course our returns this past year have been low. TPG (The Putnam Group?) has made a couple of lowish offers over the past year, and two of my siblings want to sell. I can either sell with them or buy them out, and I’m trying to figure out reasonable risk/reward values to assign to these choices, so I can decide.

Thanks for any help you can give!

@naomib4 Do you know where in Weld Co? Block Township Sec.? You might have some undeveloped acreage that would add to future value. Also the wells might have been shut in due to prices so that might be reflective on the check stubs. More information would help

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