Outcome of administrative hearing

My wife has mineral rights in 9W 19N 5. Had been leased to Gastar. She started receiving notices from Chisholm including one last week about an emergency hearing scheduled for today that requested a drilling start date of today. Good news! Bad news - today we received a letter from Gastar announcing that they have declared bankruptcy. Can you tell me what happened in the hearing today? Don’t want to go through the hassle of that ridiculous jiniatator installation.

It won’t be posted for a couple of days. Ask me again at the end of the week. You should be able to see it without the jiniatotor install. Just go to the dockets area of the OCC. Oklahoma Corporation Commission Office of Adminstrative Proceedings You need to know if it is Tulsa or OKC. At the top of your paperwork with the docket number. If plain, then OKC. It 2018xxxxx-T, then Tulsa


You can also lookup the documents after they are posted using the Cause number here.


Thank you Jay. The way i read the documents is that Gastar is trying to stop Chisholm and hearings are moved to December.

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That sounds about right. FYI it may take several weeks after an Order is executed before it is scanned online. Gotta go through all the checks and signatures before it becomes official…etc…