Our NM minerals were overlooked and 4 wells have been drilled that they're in the pool of.

The operator now knows that our minerals were overlooked, but only offered $1,000/nma bonus to lease them. We have been offered $7,000/nma bonus for minerals in the same NM county that have not been drilled yet. A $1,000 bonus for minerals (although a very small amount of them) included in 4 wells that have been producing since 2016 & 2017 seems too small.

These minerals had been leased, but the lease expired when the wells were drilled due to a limiting shut in clause in the original lease. When I emailed to ask if there was interest in leasing them again, I got the $1,000/nma offer. I then discovered that the minerals were included in a 320 acre pool that had 4 wells drilled & producing on it. I'm wondering what my options are. Any suggestions?

Pages 8 and 9 of this pdf* may offer some clues as to how to move forward. Have you considered asking the landman who offered $7000/acre if his company is interested in leasing your pooled minerals?

Thank you for the email. I had considered your suggestion. I'll wait and see what other options the operator of the wells comes up with first.

You’re welcome.

You may have a working interest. Consult an attorney.