Our 7th "continuance" in a row!

My siblings and I own mineral rights in Grady County. All of us live in other states. For several months we have been dealing with Rebellion Energy who has been trying to get the permission to drill on Sec. 2 and 11, 7 North, 8 West. in Grady County, where we have mineral rights.

Just when it is set to go before the Corporation Commision of Oklahoma, we get a letter from Barnes Law, PLLC stating a Notice of Continuance has been granted, and it is rescehduled for about 3 weeks later. This is the 7th time in a row that this has happened.

Is this common practice? Who is filing for these and what to they hope to gain? Any help would be appreciated.

I'd get it straight from the Horse's Mouth :

Call The OCC.

Rebellion's applications have been protested by Apache and Warwick. The continuances may have been requested to allow the parties to prepare their arguments or they may be trying to settle their differences before the hearing.

I received a letter from Rebellion stating they were withdrawing from Grady 6-7N-7W.

Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the info.

What does a continuance do?

A continuance is similar to a long court recess. For some reason the case can not be finished in that session, so they set a new date when they can get it back on the docket to finish hearing the case. Hopefully the issue holding it up is resolved by then.