Other avenues when the executor of a will has not probated it for OXY mineral royalties?

My mother and father have a will that when my father passed, the mineral interests owned by my mother would revert back to the three children. Fast forward to today, one child of the deceased mother is named the executor of the Will and has not probated the Will and based on some research, it is too late to probate the Will. I currently have information on the wells, affidavit for inheriting the mineral interests to the children, and both Wills. What is my best course of action to start this process?

Hiring a lawyer is not feasible at the moment…

You should contact the operator(s) of the wells and have them tell you what you need to do to get the rightful heirs into pay status. They may or may not require the Wills to be probated. Good Luck.

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