Osage Oil and Gas

Osage Oil and gas mineral leasing

What’s your question Larry?

Waiting on Osage for contact offer. Have talked to several mineral owners and they have signed their contracts, do you think $300. & 20% is a fair price for this area? Larry Blassingame Thank You

Do not want to sell, want to lease!

It would be better if you would post in the state and county where this is located. We do not have enough information to help. Use the Counties tab at the top.

Based on his location, I believe Larry_Blassingame is talking about Block 5 Section 25 in NE Mitchell County in Texas.

Mitchell County, TX Sorry, the topic was already posted. I assume the location seemed to be understood.

Thank You Robert M for helping me to point out the area I was talking about!

You are welcome Larry. I think the bonus and royalty you mentioned are the going rate in that area currently from what I’ve heard. Best of luck!

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