Osage Minerals


Has anyone been receiving offers to lease from Osage minerals? I received an offer in the mail and have never done business with them before. Any of you have previous experience with this company? Just always leery of doing business with folks I don’t know.

Thanks for any words of wisdom.


I received an offer from Osage Oil and Gas on behalf of Casillas Petroleum. Is this who you are referring to? I have not had experience with them either.


I will dig up the letter and check. I am not sure if it is on behalf of Casillas or not.


James, how muchc do you own?


I have 11 acres in 04-2S-3W and 5 in 05-2S-3W.


I also just received certified letters from Osage on behalf of Casillas Petroleum. It is for a proposed well across Sec. 5 & 8-1S-3W. Not having a good understanding of what their options offered mean, I could also use more insight on what these proposals really are after. I tend to take the do nothing approach but my ignorance may be short sighted. So any wisdom on these kind of offers would be greatly appreciated. New to this group and I’m hoping to learn from those of you who seem wiser and involved in this industry. Thank you


What exactly do you not understand on the offer?

Generally, the offers have been for 2-3 different Bonus and Royalty interest amounts along with an option to participate in the well.

And yes, you need a FULL understanding of any agreement you enter into.