ORRI in Eddy county


We have a very small ORRI in Eddy county, NM and have an offer to buy. Given that the interest is so small interested in selling but want to make sure we are getting fair price. Anyone have any advice?


Check for clues in corporate presentations of operators in Eddy county, NM like this: EOG Resources 2Q 2018

Maybe get a second opinion: Hilltop Royalties is a forum advertiser and a gentlemanly outfit. I have no financial interest in the company.


It depends on who the offer is from. If it is broker, you are probably leaving a lot on the table. Generally, the mineral buying companies with deeper pockets pay the most. However, they target specific areas so you want to look for who is active in your area.

As a general note, we typically get our sellers double the original offer.



Hi Dave, are there some good ways to know if offers in mail are from brokers (meaning flippers?) or end buyers? And how does each type generally get compensated? Thank you in advance.


I have a similar issue. Dang near impossible to determine what a reasonable offer is for ORRI. No straight answers either. What is a reasonable offer for an ORRI per acre in Eddy County?


There are a lot of variables in play here and a lot has to do with the area and the geology, being that the Delaware Basin can change dramatically from section to section and activity in the area. If you would like to call and discuss I may be reached at (432) 559-5801.