Orca Operaying Co


We have interest in the Zenyatta#1 in Sec 6 8N 2E. We were receiving checks every other month for 4 years. We haven’t received a check in 16 months. I have tried to call Orca but am getting no response. Does anyone have any insight or knowledge on this matter or what further action I might be able to take. Thanks


I don’t show any sales of product on that well after March 2017.


Any idea how to proceed? I called Orca about 6 months ago and they said the well was still producing. No luck on any contact since. Won’t respond to any calls or messages.


Check your division order. You may have it set at $100 or once a year for payment. Gas production plummeted in March of 2017, but I see oil production as of April 2017. The OTC does not show any production for the last 12 months. Send Orca a certified letter return receipt asking for clarification of well status. Ask if they are going to work over the well or release the lease. Since you have not been paid in 16 months, you can demand a release of lease be filed. Release of lease oklahoma686.pdf (7.1 KB)


I missed the oil sale in April 2017. It looks like it was averaging ~160 per month over the 24 months ending then. OTC won’t have the last few months production, but unless they changed purchasers, there was no sales Mar-May this year either. If it were mine, I would likely be trying to terminate my lease and maybe renegotiate a lease limited to the well-bore only. Many factors would play a part in that decision and possibly how to proceed.