Options to Re-Lease

I leased some rights in early 2011 based on a 3-year lease with an option to re-lease. I know that there were numerous leases consumated in the later half of 2010. On those 3-year leases in which there was no drilling, I am curious if there is an re-leasing currently taking place as these leases reach the 3-year expiration dates?

Richard: voice from long time ago! We leased 2011 and 2012 - three years with renewal options. I haven't heard of any release activity. Also, very little information to be had regarding wells drilled - so it's real difficult to find out what is going on.

Thanks for the info, Gene. Good to hear from you. Tell Vicki hello! My general understanding is that things have "calmed" a bit as to leasing activity in that area, but I really don't have much in the way of contacts to gain reliable info. Take Care!