Operators who refuse to communicate to Owners


I would understand a field operator who may just not have the staff to answer a bunch of owner inquiries, but in more special circumstances out of the norm, an owner may want a few answers. But, it seems almost an industry standard operators have stubborn attitudes toward royalty owners, and won’t take the time to respond to phone calls or letters. Need I send certified mail to the owner just to get a simple answer? If an unusual situation with interrupted production occurs, and royalty payments have stopped coming, it seems to me I have a right to question the field operator as to the lease status. Is there any advice on how to get an operator to respond? I am many states away from my lease. Thanks.


I recently called a field operator and found that it’s a one man show. Very eye opening. The information he could provide was limited as his job was to pick up the oil/crude, water or gas and turns that info over to the payor. May I ask what answers are you looking for?


In particular, what are the operator’s intentions with the lease? They have not produced in one year (Oklahoma), by no fault of their own…except, right at or on the one year anniversary, they actually made a sale to the usual purchaser. Next, I need to know what is the “official” date in the eyes of Oklahoma as to when the production halt began, and what would be a one year anniversary date. If the operator went past the one year date, I can legally request a release of lease.


My brothers and I are experiencing the same problem in Blaine Co. Would your minerals by chance be located in Blaine, Sec18-T16N-R12W? If so are you talking about Spess Oil?


It’s always a shame when operators don’t communicate well with us mineral owners, but if you’ve tried multiple times it may be time for an attorney to send a demand letter regarding the issue you need further information on. Perhaps a landman can help, but sounds like you’ve done everything he/she would do for you anyways.