Operators in Howard County

How are you made aware when there is a new operator on your property/well/lease? We just discovered a unsatisfied title agreement on a lease. There has 3 different operators since 2016, the latest operator asked for a copy of the Deed, the 2 previous operators did not. I am new to this, learned how to search production on the RRC and found the operator names. Thank you in advance I appreciate any input or knowledge while learning this process.

I have started checking RRC, i was never notified of a well, they sent division orders on 1 well from a lease, but never knew about the second on a separate unpooled section. If i wouldn’t have looked on RRC never would have known, well was 8 years old,never paid a dime. I am fighting with them now, same lease with both sections listed , and they are trying not to pay afraid i will have to file a suit, just sent them a 60 day notice to pay

Rodney, I am surprised the new operators do not give notice when they take over a lease.

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