Operator will not reply re production halt

I've twice tried contacting the field operator of my leases regarding a halt in production but they will not return my phone calls. As a mineral owner with a substantial net percentage I'd like to get a status on the leases and a foreseeable resumption in production. Does an operator have a requirement to contact royalty owners if production ceases in Oklahoma? The OCC lists the wells as active...is the operator required to reclassify well statuses with the OCC if they are shut-in? How can I get answers if the operator will not respond?

I'm in a similar situation so hope that someone who knows will reply to you. We inherited our minerals and my parents had signed the leases with Conoco (now Linn Energy has them). I've been trying for months to get copies of the leases and can't get Linn to call me back, so whatever answer you get will also help me and probably others.

They have no legal obligation to answer your questions unless your lease requires them to. However, if you demand a release of your lease for non-production and they won't give it to you, they would have to justify to you why they believe their lease has been maintained. Send all communication by certified mail and save the receipt with their signature on it.