Operator Transfer Requirements


A couple of months ago I acquired some mineral acreage in Weld county the falls under PDC. When I notified them the wells were still permitted and now they are producing. The problem is PDC apparently never completed the transfer and instead sent division orders to the prior owner and they are not being very responsive to me.

Does anyone know what the legal requirements are for operators to complete transfers in CO or where I could go to find such information?

EDIT: Some additional information, the original oil and gas lease was not with PDC but they acquired it some time ago. Additionally from a timing standpoint my mineral deed transferring the rights was recorded and supplied to PDC about 3 months before they sent the division order to the prior owner.

Thanks for your help!


A little more information may help someone to respond to your question. Is the lease with PDC? Do you have a mineral deed and is it filed with the County? Does PDC have a copy of your mineral deed?


Thank you for the additional question. The lease was not with PDC but they acquired the rights some time ago. As far as my mineral deed, it was recorded and provided to PDC around 3 months prior to them sending out division orders to the wrong person.