Operator Oversight

Are there consultants out there that help mineral owners monitor operations to ensure that the operator is running things as best as possible?

Dear Russtech: welcome to the forum! To review and monitor operations, you’re probably going to need a petroleum engineer. I’m not sure if they make referrals, but you might contact the Society of Petroleum Engineers at 972-952-9383.

You might want to repost this in the state and county where your minerals are to get a response from folks that are in that particular area. It is in the best interest of operators to do their operations in a professional and cost effective manner. However, there are some…

Thank you for the timely response. I was recently laid off from a large independent operator. There are many consultants that work on behalf of and target the operator to make them more profitable. However, with having been on the operator side for well over a decade I don’t recall ever being contacted by someone representing the mineral owner(s) to help ensure we were effectively operating, short of the mineral owner or their attorney questioning why their check went down. We would typically just explain that we had to work over the well(s) or work on infrastructure and that was the end of it, said company was a reputable operator though. No one ever dug deeper on the mineral owner’s behalf to ensure we couldn’t be doing better. In your opinion, do you think there this is potentially an under tapped market?

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