Open to Lease

My family & I own mineral acres in western Mountrail County. A portion of our ownership has been drilled but another 10 acres has not been drilled on and our current lease expired May 3rd in Section 20, T158N, R94W. Other family members have acreage available here too. Anybody interested in leasing in this area?

I have mineral rights near you, I would be interested in hearing if anyone is interested in leasing my area as well. I am Section 19 T158N, R88W.

This is a business that makes Wall Street look like NUNS & PRIESTS.

HIRE AN EXPERT LAWYER with at least 10-20 years of local knowledge and work.

DO NOT SIGN any contracts without lawyer refinement and approval

DO NOT SELL your mineral rights, EVER.


DO all your negotiating through your lawyer DIRECTLY with the Driller.

I recommend EOG as the best player in the business.

*after your knowledge comes up, you will understand; it took me 10 years of work & money.*