Online land records fro Jefferson County, Kansas

Does anyone know if there is a way to access Jefferson County, Kansas land records and how far the records go back? I am trying to save myself a 5 hour drive.

Hi, Christy -

Call the County Clerk's Office or the Registrar of Deeds and ask them.


Christy -

I just looked up the Kansas Land Title Association's website and they list one member in Jefferson County:

Kansas Secured Title - Jefferson County
319 Jefferson
Oskaloosa, KS 66066
Phone: (785) 863-2042
Fax: (785) 863-2138

It sounds like a Real Estate Closing Company, so they will charge you for their services, but it may be cost effective and their work probably provides some sort of warranty.

And wouldn't it be a 10 hour drive if you plan to go home afterwards?

Hope this helps -


Thank you for your help and quick response Charles. I am going to check into this. Register of Deeds said they have records online for a fee but only goes back to 1992. Thanks again…

How far back do you need to go?

If KST does not go back far enough, one of these companies in Topeka, KS, might cover Jefferson County:

What do you have in JEFFCO? I might be interested.

Hi Matt -

If you mean Jefferson County, Kansas, read back up this message string to the link to Kansas Secured Title. Or you could check with the Kansas Land Title Association's website.

are you in land Christy?