Oneok Pipeline - Reeves Co TX

Does anyone know a thing about a New pipeline thru Reeves county by Oneok~? We have allowed a survey and just wanting to know what’s going on. ??

Kizzy, what Block,Section are U in?

Hi Clint Liles, Blk 55 T8S Sec 9

Thanks Kizzy… :+1: OneOK is going after the Apache Alpine High gas

We now know the Saguaro Connector route is from the Waha hub to Mexico. Google ( pipe line from West Tx to Mexico) for the story. BTW, I have not had any more contact since the survey. Thanks again to the forum. Cj

Here is the link for the route map. It goes almost due west from Waha across south central Reeves, northern tip of Jeff Davis, south central Culberson and then Hudspeth to the border. It is then going to the Mexican coast for export. Would not be surprised, on the Mexican side, if it also swings back up into southern California. It is so difficult to get lines permitted in Arizona, California, and even New Mexico that I have seen several proposals to try to get gas in this way. Natural gas has been trading at $5+/mcf more at the California gates than Henry Hub and Waha because of their misguided blocking of pipelines



Kizzy. After a little more research, there may be 2 lines with the same name which is unusual. The line I am involved in was supposed to be a 42 inch crude line and the other is a48 inch gas line. Very confused. Maybe Mr. Clint can explain it. Cj

Hi CJ, I found you again. I have tried unsuccessfuly to contact you at least 4 times with no luck. Not sure what the problem is? We are at Blk 55, sec 9, T8S. I appreciate any info you can pass on. We were under the impression that it is a gas line ? Haven’t heard a thing.

Kizzy. I answered your question some time ago and it only stayed on the forum a few hours along with your inq

That is Odd . . . Glitches I guess?

Wade, Thank you for the link to this map and article. Very Much Appreciated.

Kizzy. I answered your question and it only stayed on the forum a few hours.Dont know what happened. I think Wade and I were typing at the same time this morning . I had read the same article earlier,but he had more to say about it,so I m glad he posted first. Clears up the 2 pipeline theory.

Charles, Thank You~! I’m still confussed. There is only one pipeline, but they are looking at different ways to send it?? (seemingly 2) ? Looks like they are looking at June.

Kizzy Probably made a mistake on my paper work calling the project a crude line. Also ,the proposed route could change quickly.There are numerous obstacles to clear before a permit is issued and any pipe is laid.I suppose my plan is not to spend any money not in my bank. Cj