One well, two tracts of mineral rights


i have not yet seen this situation discussed:

i have a few mineral acres in mountrail county north dakota. there is a well one one part of the acres as described in the division order i recieved. the acres mentioned do not include the entire acreage listed in my lease. the lease expires in june of this year. for the acres not mentioned in the division order, my question is do they need to released for additional payment or are they still considered to be under lease?

thanks! i am curious about this and no one i have asked seems to have an answer that makes any sense.

Howdy Mr. Lesmeister,

The first place to look for the answer is in your lease form itself.

If the lease does not have a pugh clause, the lands outside the pooled unit are still maintained by production, UNLESS, the lands were committed to a compulsory unit, in which case lands outside the compulsory unit are not maintained by production inside the compulsory unit (Somewhat of a pugh clause, but not really - more in the nature of Statutory Termination).

A good idea is to lease all tracts in separate leases.

If you would like to have an idea of lease bonus in this area give us a call. We could fill you in.

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thanks, buddy!

that answers my question, appreciate it!