Once a title is clear

I just heard from a oil land person who has bought out two of my relatives on a family branch. She had me Sign a heir affidavit. She says it will clear my portion as well as the leg of th title she bought. My question three wells have been pumping since 2012 oil and gas and they has been three operating companies according to the Texas RR web site,once she files the paper work. How do I get my royaliities? Do I write all three. Ompany a letter with the affidavit? Anyone know what would be a good Way to approach?

Hi, Gerry -

Once the papers are filed of record, she will be sending the papers to the company. You may need to send your own set of the papers to the company as well, along with your contact information.

Once they have reviewed your paperwork, they will send you a Royalty Division Order with your decimal interest in the Unit(s) reflected in it. When you have signed and returned it, they will release any royalties they have in suspense for you and you will begin to receive additional checks on a regular basis.

If you will tell me the legal description(s) of the subject lands, I will see if I can find who you need to send your papers to.

One thing I hope your relatives did not get screwed by is the EFFECTIVE DATE of their conveyances.

If the effective date of their conveyances was the same date as their conveyance, then they may (probably) have suspended royalties waiting for them to claim them (royalties from 2012 to the present). If the effective date of their conveyances was "the first date of production" or some date in 2012, then they may have gotten screwed out of whatever they had in suspense. The woman Landman essentially bought them out using their own money.

Hope this helps -

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas

Thanks for the advice

Thank you Charles. The wording on the production dates. Would that be in the ratification that’s I signed in 2009. I do not see any wording on suspending royalties?

The s/160 acre as of the NW/320 acres sec 6 block c-9 reeves county. Is this the description?

Wording regarding the effective date would be in the Conveyance or Assignment, not the Division Order.

You signed a DO in 2009 and haven't been receiving any royalties?

Yes, that is the legal description. I'll look and see what is happening on the ground and send you that.

Agreed with Mr. Toolke, if you signed a DO in 2009 yet payment has been in suspense for 8 years then there is something amiss. I personally would contact the Payor (Operator/Whomever signs the checks), talk with a Division Order analyst, develop a relationship with them, and don’t stop until all your questions and concerns are answered.

It could be just a mix up in the owner name, incorrect address, etc. what I hope is that these minerals have not by time and by the laws of intestacy in Texas, escheated to the State of Texas.

The good thing is that Texas law favors farming, ranching, and oil. So you may be in luck my friend.

Actually they said they signed a "ratification" in 2009.