Olsen Energy, LLC

Does anyone know anything about Olsen Energy, LLC? They are trying to lease in Daniels county and are offering $25 per net mineral acre for a 5 year paid up lease.

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Have heard nothing of them or ANYONE for years

Just got the same offer. It was prefaced with them telling me they have been unable to get a hold of me. I have not moved in 40+ years and was included in the Apache oil company. What is up with this bid, Apache’s bit was a lot more.

We have 1300+ acres in Daniels and had a lease with Apache also a few years back. Can someone help us with contact info for Olsen Energy so we could reach out and discuss a lease? Thanks in advance! Steve

Any updates or information?

I have mineral rights in Daniel’s county. As far as I know, all my contact information as been updated in Scobey’s recorder’s office. However, I have not been contacted. Do you have a the name or contact information of someone I can contact at Olsen Energy? Thank you in advance.

Judy Pitney cell 702-373-6710

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