Old Well Equipment, No Production For 2 years

We leased 20 years ago, three producing wells were drilled on the home place. No production now for well over 2 years on oil or gas. One of the former operators came after two pump jacks #2 and #3 but a huge #1 pump jack remains and of course, the tank battery and compressor etc.

I asked the Corporation Commission field inspector that lives nearby to help, look it over, he came by, but he said he couldn’t do anything if it might be connected to a directional well half mile north??? I also contacted OERB, a year later they finally called and said they can’t step in until it no longer has an operator? The local Bear Energy LLC field supervise gave us the excuse in April, 2019, they were thinking about reworking the #2 well-(no pump jack there).

A new highway is coming in 2-3 years and we will lose our lovely home and cattle pens etc when they move the new highway over on our side because a local cemetery is currently too close to right of way. We already have a water well and two mobile home hookups on the hill beside #1 pump jack that’s only be left there, out of service and we will need to do clean up and hopefully build a house out of the way of this highway. So it’s a big deal.

The Bear Energy field supervisor was a fast talker, did he just tell us they were reworking the old #2 for an excuse? There’s nothing left, none of the three have been plugged but none of the operators have taken the equipment out of the way. Our lease had the usual three years to produce clause in the beginning but what happens if it sits there for three years now with no production?

If you post the state, county and legal location such as section, township and range, that would be helpful.

Oklahoma, Lincoln County, 29-16-3

Thanks so much for reply! What section, township, range specifically of your property? I am so sorry for the troubles with your property! Thanks again, Pam

29-16-3 in Lincoln County

I am new to all this so I appreciate your help! McClain Co, Ok: Sec 36&Sec 27-6N-1W, Sec 2-8N-3W, Sec 29-5N-3W, Sec 32-5N_2W, & Sec 32-6N-4W Sec 5-6N-4W, Sec 33-6N-4W, Sec 3-5N-2W

I answered your question over in McClain.