Old Oil and Gas Lease

As I look thru financial papers of my deceased mother-in-law, I find a 3 year Oil and Gas Lease from 1981 for property in Garvin County - Section 14, 3N, 3E. I find no other documents relative to this land. How do I determine if she owned mineral rights there at the time of her death and therefore would be inherited?

haven’t posted here in ages…i would contact a reputable “land man”. Darla Ragland does good work and is reasonable. she’s done work for us in the past.

I’ll be in Garvin county next week. If you private message me with your mother’s name I’ll take a quick look if I am able.

Richard, thank you very much for your offer as it is most generous of you. My mother-in-law’s name was Lorendia Sue Mayberry. She died in 2003. The Oil and Gas Lease is dated Aug 4, 1978 and is with the Marshall R. Young Oil Co. for 3 years at 3/16. Description is Section 14, T3N, R3E. also added is S1/2SW1/4 and W1/2SW1/4SE1/4 and SW1/2NW1/4SE1/4 and SE1/4NE1/4SW1/4.
Contains 120 acres. Abundant thanks for any information you are able to provide.

I’ve also not posted in ages, but saw Darla’s name on this, and had to chime in. Literally, within the last hour I was commenting to my wife how glad I was that I had Darla Ragland research and write up a report on our minerals in Garvin County. Help immensely while fielding inquiries from so many companies lately.