Old lease info Sec20, 27, 29

I inherited minerals in these sections Section 29-8N-11E Section 27-7N-11E Section 20-6N-9E Research showed these are leased by Trinity Operating, Corterra Energy Operating, and/or Bravo Arkoma.

I have not received royalty payments for these minerals at all, and these have been my minerals since Jan. 2017.

Any info? Anyone getting buy offers on these sections?

It is your responsibility to make sure that your name and address are correctly filed in the county courthouse in Hughes county if you own minerals there. If you inherited, then the probate must be filed as well. You have to contact each one of the operators and give them your name, address and phone number, who you inherited from and request to be put into pay status. Otherwise, they have no way of knowing that you exist.

Michael: Ran your name through Hughes County but did not see any probate order for those sections.

Probably needs probate or other action to get the property into your name.

My attorney did file in Hughes Co. In mid 2017, Among other counties.

I have noticed you are one of the more knowledgeable people here M_Barnes. I have a question in general but applicable to Pott Co. minerals for my purposes. I’m going to ask it here tho, becsuse it is a general question.

Maud Chapman, my Great Grandmother left my mom, my uncl, and their dad each 1/6 of her minerals, like before I was born in mid 1960s.

Later their dad bought more minerals and made deals but died, left his 1/6 and all else he’d acquired to his wife who left half of that to my mom, in say 1985 ish. So from Maud Chapman my mom (and now I) am due 1/6 plus half another 6th.

I think one part of those two different lines was put into a grouped thing out of Tulsa, but not all of it. ie: my grandfather made a deal with his 1/6 of Maud’s in Pott Co, but trying to weed out which is what is a nightmare. Any advice. Or “affordable” help? There are a few dozen escrow accounts at the treasury in Maud’s name and they are from minerals.

It is interst, or mineral acres, or actual acres or whatever.

Here is my thing. I

I have a copy of the filed probate report. Dozens of leasers and buyers do too. Im just wondering why the companies who owe

Sorry, dang cell service is crap in Goldsby.

I have 7 different mineral sections. The thing was filed on or around Aug 10th 2017. Carol Chapman Mathias deceased. aka Carol A. Mathias, Carol Chapman, Carol Ann Chapman, depending on which will she inherited from.

Filed in Cleveland Co. on Aug 18th.

I can help you untangle it a bit, but am going on a mission trip for two weeks. Touch base with me about June 20. There are free places to hunt in the meantime.

First thing to do is make an excel spreadsheet.
List each set of mineral acres by state, county, then township, range, section, then the aliquots (the rest of the description that might read something like NW4 SE4). Make a column for net acres if you can figure it out.

Then make a column or few that outlines what you know about it. Any percentages, who inherited from whom, etc.

Then go the unclaimed funds for OK and make a list of those assets. They hopefully match the ones you have. Also try MOEA from the OCC website. MOEA Search Real Property Official Records Search

You might be able to find some records for Pottawatamie county here. Or go online and hunt for the county clerk in that county.

Good luck in getting organized. That is always the hardest first step.

Yep. Your attorney did a good job. Some counties list the individuals receiving the rights while others do not. This explains why your name didn’t show up.

Well how do I get it to show up with the lessee so I can get the back royalties due, if any exist? Don’t they have a responsibility to either pay it or escrow them?

I would provide them with the copies of the probate order filed with the county. Once they have that and your W-9 you should get paid assuming no title issues. Also, make sure your name and address are correct in the probate order that was filed.

I emailed your displayed business email about hiring you.

Another question…

If I sell one of these mineral sections, the escrow, or owed royalties that may have piled up, go to me, for up to the sales date, right?