Old gas/mineral/oil leases

My children’s grandparents died and left them everything in a trust. I am the Mom. Only son (my X-husband) of grandparents is deceased also. Trustee (wicked step mother) did some damage to funds, etc. before the courts forced her to turn over it all to the children after $100,000.00 in court fees. Trusteeship was signed over to her by their kids Dad on his deathbed while he was full of heavy drugs dying of cancer. She of course was after the money in the estate. He clearly did not know what he was signing as oldest grandson was to take over as trustee. Kids did not know their Dad did this until later, then Grandma died in nursing home. Now they are trying to find out about the leases that the grandparents owned. We have some old stubs, etc. That is all. How do we go about finding where these leases are and get them turned over to the grandchildren. Old Trustee is dishonest and refuses to give any info on this. We know they are there as the grandparents told the kids and I about them years ago before they died. Grandma was 91 when she passed so we know they owned them for many years. I know they were getting checks on them as far back as the 1980’s. We do not have a clue as to who to call or what to do. Grandparents were Kenneth Ward Gibson and Fannie Lou Gibson. They lived at 2508 N.W. 41st Street in Oklahoma City for over 50 years. House sold back in 2022. Can anyone help direct us?

Sixty-five counties are available through OkCountyRecords and it is possible to do a remedial name search through that link. Twelve counties listed below must be searched individually:

Caddo County —Search Canadian County– Search Cleveland County Search Creek County– Search Garfield County, Search Oklahoma County-Search Payne County —Search Pottawatomie County– Search Rogers County Clerk—Search Tulsa County Clerk Subscription based or Free Pre-Statehood to 1923 Wagoner County —Search Woods, Search

Keep in mind that may counties do not provide entire historical records or may contain errors. But this is a good starting point.

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I can only imagine what you’re going through. I really cannot imagine not having any information whatsoever! Richard_Winblad told you about the OKCountyRecords. Great advice! Could they have owned mineral rights in other states, the TexasFile (TesasFile.com) has most of the TX counties’ information but not all. (sorry . . . I don’t know how to link this directly!). Just be sure and search . . . and search . . . and search. Use lots of possible names (aka’s too). Don’t be too precise . . . start broad!

It sounds like the trustee may have the information you are wanting. But what you’ve already gone through in court didn’t resolve ongoing issues you have with her. Not sure what you mean by “…the courts forced her to turn over it all to the children…”

If there is no way to force the trustee to do anything with those mineral interests, what have you gained if you are able to locate them…particularly if that search will cost some money? Is the answer, knowing what they are is the only way to judge if they justify taking more legal action?

Also check unclaimed funds with the treasurer’s office in any state where the minerals are located or the grandparent’s lived. Check under their names or the trust name and there may be typos.

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