Old easement, new pipeline - Proposal by Pipeline Company in Wyoming

In 1955, landowners signed easements away for next to nothing, and a 16" pipeline was build that carries oil or the like. Now, after the land changed hands for several times, the pipeline company wants to add a new 20" pipe, and ask to send a surveyor out to get started. They propose to pay $150 per rod “as consideration and damages for the additional pipeline”. Reading the old 1955 contracts they can bury pipelines left to right and in a zig-zag-pattern on the land that the owner signed away almost 65 years ago, so they do have the right to do as they please. So - choke and take the $150/rod or is there any chance to get more out of it? This is rough (!!!) country, and for them to build a new route would be immensely costly.