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I received my division order and pooling order June 18th 2012 from EOG but it’s dated September 29th 2020, and it says I have 45 days to reply. Well since its been 10 months getting to me it looks like my decision was made for me. That is pretty dirty.

The more I research EOG and what they are molding into what suits them makes my stomach turn. This cannot keep going on and on my way out the door from dealing with this company I’m going to be heard and remember for ages to come. It just isn’t right. They are rude and slither on there bellys.

Well good maybe they won’t feel the sting but there grandchildren will. You know what you do doesn’t just effect you it effect all those around you and God will see that this stealing from those who allow you to benefit from what there loved ones graciously left behind as a blessing. Will not keep going on. God bless them. How do I get a recent division order, or is that just a dream in the past?

Please give your state and county. The laws differ from state to state. So the answers will differ.

Ventura California but it the strugell 0805#1h well I’m asking about . on MC Claim Co Oklahoma

Sturgell 0805 has a surface location in 17-7N-4W and goes north into sections 8 & 5. The well was completed 6/11/18. The well was shut in briefly during the spring and summer of 2020 due to low prices. It came back online in July 2020. EOG has filed for increased density drilling in sections 9& 16 just east of section 8. Three of the additional wells were spud in late 2020. EOG filed for additional wells in section 17 going south into 17/20 back in 2019. Two of those extra wells are now online.

Cause 201800777 was the first pooling on Nov 29, 2018 and 201905163 was the second pooling order on Dec 11, 2019 as a catch up for section 5.

Cause 201800776 was the first pooling on Oct 4, 2018 and 201905257 was the second pooling order on Dec 12, 2019 as a catch up for section 8. Catch up poolings are for those folks whose leases expired in the meantime or for folks that might have inherited.

Pooling orders have a 20 day time frame in which to answer. If you do not answer, then the operator will assign you the lowest royalty and the highest bonus. They will hold the money in suspense for a certain period of time and then escheate to the state. Standard operating procedure in OK for all operators.

it is the mineral owners responsibility to make sure that their address is correctly filed in the county in which the minerals are located. If you moved during 2018-present, you need to file or they cannot get the information to you in a timely manner.

When you said you received both the pooling order and the division order on June 18, 2021?, you probably have a copy of the earlier pooling order which may or may not have been originally received when it was sent out. If you have lived in the same place and had the mineral rights not under lease during 2018-2019, then you may have reason to fuss and you can try to choose an option. May not work. If you lived somewhere else or another family member had the rights and they did not answer, then you are stuck with the operator assigning a royalty. Either way, you have royalties from a flowing well, so that is good. And you have the potential for further royalties if they drill more wells.

In OK, you do not have to sign a division order, but I do. First it gives my heirs a paper trail. Second, the operator wants your W-9 in order to not take out the federal income tax on the well. Some people like that the taxes are taken out for them. Others do not want the taxes taken out. The OK taxes will be taken out automatically and is standard procedure.

Did you have a particular question that you wanted an answer for?

You don’t have to execute & return the division order to get paid, but you do need to send EOG a W-9 form or they will put your revenue in suspense or will deduct federal income taxes along with Oklahoma income taxes from your checks.

My question now is how do I go about getting all the proper paper work to sell. I just want to be done with this

Also thanks for your time and input i really do appreciate you. I truly do

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