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Is there a reason that the oil production numbers aren’t being placed on the OKTAP website ? The last few months only the gas totals show up for the Trident 30-31 well in McClain county? Thanks, Rick Buscemi

I was curious as well following …

Contact the operator and ask. Go to the source of the information. OKTAP can only post what they receive as data.

I will communicate with them. I thought maybe there was a “business” reason that the operator didn’t necessarily have to report those numbers or at least report them each month. Thanks, Rick Buscemi

I’ve sent registered letters for years and can’t get anything from XTO Exxon Energy! I’ve had letters set by an attorney too. Nothing!

Certain companies are more difficult to deal with than others…

I recently asked a question about the OKTAP site about a company not posting the amount of oil sold. I also sent an email asking the same question to the OKTAP site. The OKTAP site got back to me today stating that they have an issue with data not being able to be posted due to some internal reasons. They also made me aware that the last 2 months of payable royalties (which I questioned) are in their system just that for some reason it can’t be posted. They said they are working on the issue.

Thanks, Rick Buscemi

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Thank you for the update

Thanks for getting an answer Rick. I was pretty sure that the reason that the oil numbers were posted before was that it was mandatory for the producers to report them. It sure has taken them a long time to fix it though. While they are at it I wish they would make it possible to look at all the wells in a section without having to back out to the “search by PUN” page. I also see that OK Well Reports from the Tulsa paper have only reported Permits and Completions for 4 days since August 23rd. Who’s running this taco stand?

Use the OCC permits list instead. Test. Select Form 1000 and the date range that you want.

Thank you for the information M_Barnes.

I don’t see anywhere on that site Mrs.Barnes for production what am I missing ?

I found the box just still no production showing lol